November 26, 2015

Ubie Vaporizer

The Ubie Herbal Vaporizer

The Ubie Herbal Vaporizer is the smallest vaporizer in the world and it is also the cheapest. The Ubie is designed around the simplest of principles, using indirect heat from a lighter to gently heat tobacco or herbs, releasing the active ingredients without combustion. This reduces the amount of harmful by-products inhaled and also produces very little odor.

The Ubie is a two-part glass tube, made of tough Pyrex. To use the Ubie:

  1. Place some finely ground tobacco or herbal blend inside
  2. Replace the glass mouthpiece
  3. Tap the vaporizer to make sure that the tobacco gathers near the mouthpiece
  4. Hold a standard (not jet) butane lighter about an inch under the tip
  5. As you heat the Ubie, gently draw and inhale vapor
  6. Enjoy until the tobacco is exhausted
  7. Tap out the remains of the tobacco while it is still warm (it does get hot at the end, so be careful when handling!)
  8. Let it cool and put it back in your pocket

Should I Buy an Ubie Vaporizer?
The Ubie vaporizer is an extremely cheap option and is great when money is tight, or if you want to try out vaporizing before investing a lot of money. It certainly works well and the vapor is clean and untainted. However, it can be a little tricky to use and will break if dropped. You will not regret buying one but, if you can afford the extra cash, a Vapor Genie could go great with this vaporizer or be a better option for you.


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